What does your scoreboard say?


Airplane instruments are a pilots scoreboard

Every person and organization needs a Scoreboard to keep track of their progress towards achieving their Goals.  Scoreboards are a feedback mechanism that allow us to determine, if the results we are getting are on track with our Goals.  Our Goals need to be in alignment with the results we are achieving.  If we find the results we are achieving are different from our Goals, we need to make adjustments to get into alignment.

I often think of this in terms of buying an airplane ticket.  Let’s say I buy a ticket on Delta Airlines to fly from Atlanta, GA, USA  to Cape Town, South Africa.  I buy the ticket with the expectation that Delta is going to get me to my destination halfway around the world.  Delta then pays a flight crew to make a “flight” plan.  The “flight” plan starts with a goal; get the plane and crew safely to Cape Town.  The flight crew sets up milestones along their flight plan.  Once the plane takes off and is in the air, the pilot monitors the planes instruments continually looking for feedback on his current status.  Whenever the pilot gets feedback that he is slightly off course, he makes an adjustment.  Periodically, the pilot hits his milestones because he has made lots of adjustments along his flight path.  Ultimately, the plane and its crew arrive at their destination and achieve the goal of their flight plan.

The pilot has a PLAN or GOAL.

The pilot watches his SCOREBOARD for FEEDBACK.

The pilot makes ADJUSTMENTS to get his current results in ALIGNMENT with his GOAL.

If the pilot has done a good job of monitoring his SCOREBOARD and makes ADJUSTMENTS that get him in ALIGNMENT during his flight he is sure to achieve his GOAL.

Every person and organization SHOULD have a scoreboard, because they need feedback on how they are performing to their goals.  Every person and organization CAN develop a scoreboard that corresponds to their goals.

Do you use a Scoreboard for your personal or organizational goals?  I would love to hear your story in the comments below.